Measuring network performance ( transfer speed in Mb/s )

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How can I measure my network performance, and what is the minimum speed?


Reckon recommends that you perform this test on a copy of your working .qbw file stored in the same folder to allow other users to continue with their daily work while testing is in progress.

Test all systems that are running QuickBooks because the speed can vary from computer to computer. Overall network performance can be impacted by each computer on the network.

To measure the transfer speed of a network:

1. Record the size of your .qbw file in KB.

2. Copy the .qbw file from the network location to your Microsoft® Windows® desktop.

     a- Follow the step for your version of QuickBooks. 
         * QuickBooks 2008/09 and later: Select the File menu and select Open or Restore Company.    Select the Open a company file option and click Next. 
         * QuickBooks 2007/08 and below: Select the File menu and select Open Company.
     b- In the Open a Company window, right-click the copy of your company file and select Copy.
     c- Minimize QuickBooks and all other applications.
     d- Right-click the Windows desktop and select Paste.
     e- Make a note of the time it takes to copy in seconds.

4.Calculate the bandwidth in Mb/s using the following formula:

      Bandwidth = (File size*8)/(time*1024)
         Bandwidth = Transfer rate in Mb/s
         File size = Size of the file in KB
         o Note:  Test works best for files larger than 102240 KB (100 MB).
          Time = Amount of time if took to copy in seconds
          The factor 1024 converts KB to bytes.
          The factor 8 coverts MB to Mb.
    If the bandwidth calculation is under 40 Mb/s, the network connection is not functioning fast enough to run QuickBooks.
    If the bandwidth calculation results are above 40 Mb/s, the network connection is configured for optimum  performance.

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