Payment Summaries to be emailed disappear from the Send Forms list on Reckon Accounts Hosted

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I have prepared Payment summaries to be emailed, but have delayed emailing them.  When I come back later to send them they are gone.  Why?

Secondly, when I regenerate them, the Payment Summaries do not appear in the Send Forms list.  Why?



You will experience this issue when payment summaries are created in one Hosted session but sent from another Hosted session.  This may occur when you:

·         prepare the Payment Summary emails in one Hosted session, close it and attempt to send from another Hosted session at a later time;

·         restore a backup created in another Hosted session;

·         upgrade from one Reckon Accounts Hosted version to another;

·         upload the company file to Hosted for the first time.

Payment Summary emails are stored in a separate folder on the PC that created the email messages.  When you close one Hosted session and open a second Hosted session, you will be using another PC.

The tag in the Send Forms window consequently loses its connection to the email file on a PC. The tag is now corrupt and will prevent other emails being visible.




To avoid this issue

You must send batched emails from the same Hosted session in which they were created.


To rectify the current corruption

When you close the Send Forms window, if the first email in the list is corrupt, it will be deleted.  When you open the Send Forms window again you will now be able to see the next email if it is not corrupt.  You will see all good emails down to the next corrupt email. 


1.    Go to File > Send Forms

2.    If you have other forms waiting to send (eg Invoices, Remittance Advices), send those forms.


3.    Exit Select Forms to Email.  This will delete the first corrupt email.

4.    Create a flag file to use as an end-of-list marker in Send Forms to Email list:

a.    Create a dummy employee with print method set to Email;

b.    process one pay for a date later than the Payment Summaries;

c.    Prepare a Payment Summary to email for the dummy employee;

d.    When this email appears in the Send Forms to Email list you will know you have reached the end of the list and that there are no more corrupt emails. 


5.    Go to Send Forms to Email.  Check whether the last entry is the flag file.  If not, there are more corrupt emails.  If you do see other emails in the list, you may send them now.  Exit Send Forms to Email and the next corrupt email will be deleted;


6.    Return to Send Forms to Email and repeat Step 5 until the flag file appears in the list.  You have now deleted all corrupt emails. 


7.    Delete all Payment Summary emails left in Send Forms to Email;

8.    Delete the transactions for the dummy Employee and then delete the Employee;

9.    Recreate Payment Summaries to Email;

10. Return to Send Forms to Email and send all emails. 


Additional Note

After deleting all corrupt emails you may be left with a list of good Payment Summaries to Email.  You may if you wish send these.  However, before doing so you will need to identify which Payment Summaries were corrupted and need to be recreated.   If there are more than one or two corrupted emails it will be easier to recreate all Payment Summaries to ensure that all employees receive their Payment Summaries. 


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