Getting Started - Payroll App

What is the Reckon Payroll App?

Reckon Payroll is a complete payroll application, on your smartphone. Perfect for small businesses, it makes it easy to add and manage employee information, process pay runs & email payslips to your employees in just a few taps from your smartphone. Take care of payroll compliance including PAYG tax, leave, entitlements, superannuation, Single Touch Payroll & JobKeeper, so you can stay on the ATO’s good side!

1. Download

First - Download the app for your chosen device.

App Store (iOS)

Google Play (Android)

2. Login or Create an Account

If you've have a Reckon Portal account you'll want to Login to the app. If not, Create an Account.


If you're coming across from the STP App or already have a Reckon Portal account, make sure you use the same account. By using the same account, we'll make it super easy for you in a few steps time to bring all your employees and their STP data across ready to go.


  1. First, enter the email address you've previously used for the STP app, or your Reckon Portal Account.
  2. Next, enter your password.
  3. Then tap Continue.
Create an Account

If this is your first time using a Reckon Product, you'll need to create a new Reckon Account. Simply enter and email address and type a new password you'd like to use for the account. We'd recommend where possible using a professional rather than a personal email account - Ideally the same you have or would like to ATO to have on record for your business.


  1. First, enter the email address you'd like to create an account with.
  2. Next, enter your desired password while taking care.
  3. Then tap Continue.
Forgotten password

Don't worry if you've forgotten your password. Just tap the Forgotten password link. This will open up the Reckon Portal website in a new browser tab, and from there you can recover your account via email and set a new password. Once you're done, just come back into the app and login again with your new password. Easy.

Can't remember your account?
If you're certain you've got an account with Reckon, but have had no luck with password recovery or just can't remember, give us a call - we're happy to lend you a hand.

2. Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)

What is MFA?

MFA stands for Multi-factor authentication. For the Payroll app, we do this by sending an SMS to your phone to make it's really you.

The use of MFA to secure your data is a requirement of the ATO for us to securely store and send your Single touch payroll data. Plus, it's a nice extra piece fo mind to make sure your important data is safe and sound. To keep your account protected, we'll ask you to re-enter a new MFA code every 30-days, or when logging in on a new device for the first time.

Didn't get a code?
Sometimes there might be a bit of a delay receiving your code for MFA.


  1. First enter in your mobile phone number a tap Continue.
  2. Your'll receive an SMS momentarily containing a 6-digit number. Either tap the number that appears above your keypad, or type in the number.

3. Biometrics (Face/Touch ID)

What is Biometrics?

Using biometrics gives you a quick, easy way to protect and unlock the app when you come back.

The biometric option available to you depends on your device - For the most recent iPhones it'll be FaceID, and for slightly older models you'll find its TouchID (fingerprint). Options on Android devices vary greatly between make and model, with fingerprint biometrics the most common. Some older devices may not have the option to use biometrics.

To protect your data, if biometrics are incorrectly given several times in a row you'll be logged out of the app. Don't worry - all app data is stored securely and remotely - you'll just need to login with your email address and password again.

If you change your mind about using or not using biometrics, you can alway set it up again later in the app's Settings.


  1. Either tap the toggle switch to enable FaceID, TouchID, or whatever other biometrics your device support.
  2. Next, you will be asked to verify with your face or finger that it really is you, just like you would to unlock your phone or make a purchase. Easy.

4. Migration or Company Setup

From here, there's a couple of different pathways. If you're migrating from the STP App, check the migration option. Otherwise if you want to start fresh, check company setup.

4a - Migration


  1. First, you'll be asked if you would like to migrate your data across. Tap Yes if you'd like to migrate, or No if you'd like to use a new business, or start with a blank slate.
  2. Check the name for your book and the Financial year start date if they're not quite right for you. Once you're done, tap Next.
  3. After this, we'll begin migrating your data for you. Please be patient, as it might take a few minutes.
  4. After a successful migration, you're done!

4b - Company Setup


  1. Enter either your Company name or ABN, then tap Return on the keyboard. A list of matching companies will be shown below.
  2. Tap on your company from the list presented, then tap Next.
  3. You'll be asked to enter the last 3 digits of the ABN - We do this to double check you've got the right company, and not accidentally one with a really similar name. Type in the last 3 digits of the company ABN.
  4. Next, double check or change the company branch number. If you don't use branches, leave it as 001.
  5. Once you're done, tap Next to continue.
If the branch or ABN you've selected is already register with us, you'll see a different screen here.
Either choose the option to enter a different branch number, or login with a different account if you think you who registered this ABN and Branch number with another account already.
  1. Check the name for your book and the Financial year start date if they're not quite right for you. Once you're done, tap Next.
  2. After a brief delay while we get you setup, you're Done!

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