The help menu is not working in my MYOB converter tool, I need to Export MYOB data

Legacy KB ID: 27


Why wont the help file in the MYOB converter tool work?


a) I get the message asking for your password and username for a proxy server.
To resolve this issue do the following:
i.   Enter in your username and password for the proxy server (this is the same login as your network login)
ii.  Cancel the message asking for your details.
iii. Disable the use of a proxy server however this is NOT recommended and you must consult your IT person for more information regarding the ramifications this may have.

b) When I am in the MYOB converter tools 'Activities' window the link 'Export from MYOB' does not show me the steps I need to perform the export.
To view the steps on how to do this do the following:
Click on the 'HELP' button in the top right corner of the MYOB converter tool window, you will now be in the 'Data Converter Main Screen' then select the option '2. Export from MYOB', now you will be able to see the steps you need to follow.

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