Error Message 'Setup failed to find a valid QuickBooks 2007/08 installation in path:'

Legacy KB ID: 114


Why do I get the message - Setup failed to find a valid QuickBooks 2007/08 when I try to install service pack 1 (one) for QuickBooks 2007/08.


This is due to the installer not being able to find a current activated installation of QuickBooks 2007/08.

For this update to load successfully you need to have QuickBooks 2007/08 installed and activated before you can update the system with latest patch that includes the latest payroll tax scales.

If you have a current subscription such as an Advantage Membership or QuickBooks Subscription and have not yet received the update to QuickBooks 2007/08 then you need to call our customer service line on 1300 784 253 or email to obtain your latest update copy.

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