Lost preferences when upgraded QuickBooks 2002?

Legacy KB ID: 455


Why aren't my preferences the same as they were before I upgraded QuickBooks?


In earlier versions of QuickBooks, personal preferences for things such as Reminders and Auto Recall are stored in the qbw.ini file. During the upgrade to QuickBooks 2002, QuickBooks searches the qbw.ini file for existing preferences and if it doesn’t find them, it sets QuickBooks to the default preferences. In order for QuickBooks to copy your preferences must be in the same place that you install QuickBooks 2002. You can reinstall QuickBooks after moving the 5.0 qbw.ini file to the install location or you can reset your preferences manually. In multi-user mode, the existing preferences will be copied only to the Administrator’s account. New users added to QuickBooks 2002 will get the default personal preferences.

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