Suppliers balance change during the upgrade process to QuickBooks QBi

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Why have my supplier balances changed after upgrading to QuickBooks QBi?


QuickBooks QBi now maintains a link between the Tax Payable account and the Tax Agency Supplier. The Tax Agency will now show a balance like all other suppliers.
The Australian Taxation Office is treated like any other supplier and its balance will be affected by all transactions that include tax, including general journal transactions.

For example: If a user has created a general journal entry in QuickBooks 2007/08 using a supplier with a Tax Payable account other than the Australian Taxation Office (ATO), then the user will need to edit the transaction with the correct supplier using normal accounting procedures.

The are two options to retify the problem.

Option 1:

Making changes in QuickBooks 2007/08 before upgrading to QuickBooks QBi.

Before upgrading to QuickBooks QBi, edit all the incorrect Tax Payable general journal entries and assign Australian Taxation Office as the supplier.

Option 2:

Locate and delete the general journal entries in QuickBooks QBi and re-enter the transaction with Australian Taxation Office as the supplier.

To locate your general journal entries:

1. From your Chart of Accounts, right click the Tax Payable account and select QuickReport: Tax Payable
2. Click on Modify Report
3. From the Display tab, set the report date range to All
4. From the Filters tab, click Transaction Type and select Journal from the drop down list
5. Click OK

All Journal entries that have a different 'Name' other than Australian Taxation Office will need to be deleted and re-entered.

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