JobKeeper Payment

On the 30th of March 2020, the Australian Federal Government announced a new wage subsidy measure to combat job losses and grant businesses the means to pay staff.

The package has been dubbed the ‘JobKeeper’ payment and will be worth $130 billion, securing income for an estimated six million Australian workers.

You can then register your interest with the ATO to receive the JobKeeper Payment. Employers are also required to complete the JobKeeper employee nomination notice.

To learn more about JobKeeper Payment, please visit the ATO's website.

What is the JobKeeper payment?

  • Employers affected by COVID-19 related revenue loss will be paid $1,500 per fortnight, per employee.
  • Business must have suffered at least 30% in revenue losses to qualify.
  • This $1,500 (before tax) per fortnight will be paid to your employees (through you) for six months.
  • Reimbursements of JobKeeper Payments per eligible employee from the ATO will begin from the 1st week of May, 2020.
  • Reimbursements are 'backdated' to March 30, 2020, but casual staff need to have been employed for 12 months or longer.

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