Commencing Mid Year


Most Employers will start their Single Touch Payroll Lodgments from the first pay in a Financial year.

In the case that you need to start lodging Single Touch Payroll midyear, due to either having a Deferral from the ATO or changing accounting packages, ensure your employee’s current year to date figures are correct (if you have changed accounting software you can easily do this by entering a YTD Adjustment).

As the Single Touch Payroll lodgment includes the Employee YTD figures there is no additional work that needs to be performed when transitioning to Single Touch Payroll part way through a year, when you lodge your first Pay Event, all Employees that are paid will have their correct year to date figures reported.

Any employees that have left the company earlier in the financial year, you will find a new option called "Finalise Year" from Reckon Accounts 2019 R2 (ETA to release: Late June 2019) and later versions when you export Single Touch Payroll Report.


Ticking this option will include every employee (active and terminated employee)  who got paid in the chosen financial year. You will have the option to choose the employees that you want to export and lodge.


As per strict instructions from ATO, please ensure that if you do not lodge same employee data via Empdupe and STP to avoid doubling up of employee earnings. If you have joined STP either from the beginning of the Financial Year or later, it is recommended that you use the Financial Year option to export ALL employee data and lodge it as part of your EOFY tasks. This will ensure that the pays are marked as Final and the data will appear correctly in myGov.


This tick-box option is not available in Reckon Accounts 2018 and 2019 R1. You will need to upgrade to Reckon Accounts 2019 R2 to access this feature, due for release by end of June 2019.

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