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Payroll Premier 2018/19 includes Single Touch Payroll (STP) functionality for the first time. Along with Reckon GovConnect STP, Payroll Premier 2018/19 allows you to meet your ATO STP requirements, with minimal impact on your existing payroll processes.

There are two ways that you can run the Payroll Premier STP application for exporting the data.

Single Touch Payroll is on by default in Payroll Premier. After the Pay run the user will be prompted to submit STP.


Method #1

When you complete a pay run in Payroll Premier 2018/19, a dialogue box will display asking you to switch to Date Paid reporting type (Date Paid is required for Single Touch Payroll Reports to be correct).



If you do not wish to complete the STP report at this time, click Close without any changes. To open the Payroll Premier STP application click Change to Date Paid. The STP application will open. 


Method #2

If you need to open the Payroll Premier STP application without first completing a pay run, you can find a link to Single Touch Payroll in the Reports dropdown list. Reports > Single Touch Payroll > Process STP reports.The STP application will open.


Payroll Premier 2018/19 STP application

The Payroll Premier 2018/19 STP application allows you to review the data that will be exported for submission to the ATO as well as set whether the pay event should be transmitted as a Update Event, Full File Replacement or New Event.

List of Pay Runs

In the top left hand corner of the application is a drop down box with a list of pay runs. To select a specific pay run for submission choose it from this list and then export the data.



Total Gross and Total PAYGW

With Single Touch Payroll, the pay period totals are reported as Total Gross and Total PAYGW. This is for the purpose of submitting what traditionally was sent as part of the W1 and W2 fields of a BAS. At the top of the application, the figures to be exported will be displayed. 



Note:  It is important to note that only the employer amounts (the totals) are sent as the pay period amount. For employees it is the year to date amount and thus the employee amounts may exceed those in this field.


Full File Replacement and Update Events



If you need to send a Update Event or Full File Replacement event to the ATO for Single Touch Payroll you can indicate that here. If Update Event or Full File Replacement is selected, when the data is exported it will be tagged as either a Update Event or Full File replacement. If both these check boxes are clear, it will be exported as a regular pay event.

Note: In a update event the Total amounts (Total Gross and Total PAYGW) are not included as per the rules of Single Touch Payroll. 

Employee Data



In the employee grid, you can review information that will be exported for the employees such as their gross pay, tax paid, superannuation etc. There is also a coloured indicator in the Valid column. If the colour is red, it means that this employee will not be included in the export because there is some information missing. If you double click the red box, it will display what data is missing.

As well as this their may be times you do not want a employee to be included in the export. By double clicking the green box and changing it to red, the employee will be excluded from the export report.


Explanation of Employee Fields

Final Event – This indicates whether the employee has been tagged as this being their final event which will be reported to the ATO for this business. There is two scenarios where this can occur; where a employee has left the business and has a final date set in their profile or the end of the financial year where all employees need to be set for a final event.

To set all employees to their final event at the end of the financial year, click the End of Financial Year button in the top left corner of the application.








Tax File Number.

INB Gross

The total gross payments of the individual non business amounts for the employee.


Any CDEP payment made to the employee.

Working Holiday

Any payments made to the employee under the Working Holiday Maker scheme.

Exempt Foreign

The amount of Exempt Foreign Income paid to the employee.


The total amount of tax withheld for the employee.


The total amount of Super Guarantee Act based Super payments made to the employee.


The total amount of reportable super contributions made to the employee.

FBT (Inc) 

Fringe Benefits Taxable Amount.


Fringe Benefits Non-Taxable Amount.


Total amounts of any ETP Payments.


Total amounts of Lump Sum A payments.


Total amounts of Lump Sum B payments.


Total amounts of Lump Sum D payments.


Total amounts of Lump Sum E payments.



Exporting the File 

To export the file to then upload to Reckon GovConnect STP, click the Export button



You will then be prompted where to save the export file. Take note of this location as you will need it when uploading the data to Reckon GovConnect STP. 

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