Error: "Parameter is incorrect Step 2" when activating QuickBooks 2006-07

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Why do I get the error message 'Parameter is incorrect. Step 2' when activating QuickBooks 2006-07 or earlier versions?


Microsoft Internet Explorer version 7.x was first supported in the Quickbooks 2007/08 edition.  Earlier versions may encounter various issues like this one. 


Workaround 1:  Windows 7 & Vista

Reinstall QuickBooks in compatibility mode

1.    Uninstall Quickbooks

2.    On the installation disk, go to CD:\Qbooks\

3.    Right-click on the file setup.exe > Properties > Compatibility

4.    Tick the box Run this program in compatibility mode for: and select Windows XP Service Pack 2

5.    In the Privilege Level section, tick the box Run this program as an administrator

6.    Click OK

7.    Double Click on setup.exe to install QuickBooks. 


Workaround 2:  Manually register your product.

1.    Launch QuickBooks and open a company file;

2.    press Ctrl + F12 or Ctrl + 3 together on your keyboard;

3.    Call our Customer Service team on 1300 650 061;

4.    Quote the Product Number on the screen

5.    Enter the License Number you get from the Representative in the empty boxes.


Workaround 3:  Revert to an earlier version of Internet Explorer

See your IT professional to uninstall Internet Explorer 7.x and install Internet Explorer 6.x.


Workaround 4:  Use QuickBooks on another machine that does not use Internet Explorer 7.x or higher. 


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