State Payroll Tax scales are not updated when applying QuickBooks 2008/09 SP2 (R8)

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Why isn't the State Payroll Tax updated when applying QuickBooks 2008/09 SP2 (R8)?


If you are currently using QuickBooks 2008/09 (R3), the State Payroll Tax scales do not get updated when applying QuickBooks 2008/09 (R8).

In order to correct these figures, refer to KB Q11982 or download the State Payroll Tax update from the link below:

  • Save the file to a location on your hard drive (e.g Desktop)
  • Locate State_Payroll_update.exe and double click on the file to run the setup
  • Unzip the attached file to your installation path of QuickBooks QBi 2008/09
    [Default location is C:\Program Files\Intuit\QuickBooks 2008-09]

Note: If you have installed QuickBooks to a different location, you will need to browse to that location.

  • Click Unzip
  • When the file has been applied, open QuickBooks
  • From the Employee menu, select Tax Table Information...
  • Click Tax Table Info
  • Click State Payroll Tax
  • State Payroll tax should show the right figures and therefore do the right calculations.

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