Antivirus software has detected a Trojan virus when installing QuickBooks QBi

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Why is my antivirus software detecting a Trojan virus when installing QuickBooks QBi?


Trojan viruses are programs that are launched and installed on the back end of larger applications and can make modifications to Windows files and/or registry.

Some of the files installed with QuickBooks are being reported by various Antivirus software as containing the virus SHeur.AFJ, MemScan:Trojan.Agent.AIXL etc 

The reason behind this warning message is due to the sub installations that are launched and is required for the installation of QuickBooks QBi. These files do not actually contain a virus.

Before installing QuickBooks, you will need to;

  • Turn off and disable any antivirus or firewall applications

NOTE: For instructions on how to disable your antivirus/firewall software, please visit the manufacturer's website or contact their support line.

If you do not wish to install QuickBooks via the autorun executable, follow the instructions below:

  • Insert your QuickBooks Installation CD into your CD ROM drive
  • The installation screen automatically appears. Close the window
  • Double click My Computer (or Computer if using Vista) icon which can be located either on your desktop or through the Windows Start menu
  • Right click on your CD ROM drive and choose Explorer
  • Double click setup.exe and follow the onscreen installation prompts

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