How to fix errors in the EMPDUPE regarding the payer field

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Why do I have errors in my EMPDUPE referring to 'payer' ?


If you have errors when posting your EMPDUPE that are related to 'payer' and information in your EMPDUPE appears cut off or impartial it is due to you not filling out your 'Tax Rego ID' under your Company Information correctly. This Field required that you fill in "all" 3 characters ie 001 and not just 1 or 01. When this field is not filled out correctly your data within the EMPDUPE will appear jumbled and/or impartial and cause errors.

To Fix this do the following:

Open QuickBooks and in the toolbar select 'Company' then select 'Company Information...'

Fill out your 'Tax Rego ID' field in full leaving no spaced or gaps

ie; 12 123 123 123    001

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