Incorrect PAYG Year To Date totals when printing Pay Slips in QuickBooks QBi

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Why are the PAYG Year To Date totals incorrect when printing pay slips in QuickBooks QBi?



This will occur if you are using two per page or custom/new pay slips. Both these formats are displaying the current pays PAYG amount rather than the year to date total.

To resolve this;

Setting up a scheduled payroll function will allow you to continue using your current two per page or custom/new pay slip.

  • From the Employees menu, select Add or Edit Payroll Schedules
  • Click the Payroll Schedule button and choose New
  • Create the Payroll Schedule
  • Click OK. A window will appear prompting - "Would you like QuickBooks to assign this payroll schedule to all of your employee with a <name of your payroll schedule> pay frequency". Clicking Yes will assign this to all employees who have the pay frequency set up in their record
  • Click Yes
  • When creating your next pay run, click Start Scheduled Payroll...

NOTE: The payroll schedule will not update the current pays. The next pay run you perform will produce the correct information on the print out. The current pays created will need to be deleted and re created to show correctly.

Alternatively, changing your printing option to either one per page or three per page payslips will display the correct figures.

To do this;

  • From the File menu, select Print Forms > Pay Slips...
  • In the Payslip Style field drop down menu, select Standard - One per page or Standard - Three per page

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