Synchronising Contacts in QuickBooks QBi 2008/09

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How do I synchronise my contacts in QuickBooks QBi 2008/09?


To synchronise your contacts in QuickBooks, you will need QuickBooks Contact Sync 2.0 installed on your computer.

This can be found from the following link below:

Please Note: If you want to synchronise with contact management software, you need Microsoft® Outlook® 2000, 2002 or 2003. (2007 is currently not supported).
***Microsoft® Outlook® Express is not supported***

To download QuickBooks Contact Sync 2.0:

1. Click 'Continue To Download'
2. A file download window will appear. Click Save
3. Select a location and save it to your computer. For example, your desktop
4. Run the installation and follow the on-screen instructions
5. Start Microsoft® Outlook® and click Synchronise Contacts to begin

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