How do I align my cheques and other forms on a dot matrix printer?

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How do I align my cheques and other forms on a dot matrix printer?


This describes the procedures for aligning your printed forms on a continuous printer, also called tractor feed or dot matrix printer.

Note: These procedures apply only to Intuit standard invoice and statement forms, which are printed with alignment numbers on the tear-off portion of the form.

To avoid using several forms when you are aligning them in the printer, use the same form over and over again until it is no longer easy to recognize the latest printing.

To align checks and other forms, follow these steps:

1. If you have already tried aligning a form and were unsuccessful, you will need to reset any Fine Alignment values you entered before you begin the alignment process again. To reset Fine Alignment values:

a. From the File menu, point to Printer Setup, and then select the printer for the type of form you want to align.

b. Click the Align button, and then click the Fine button.

c. Enter in the Vertical and Horizontal fields, and then click OK twice.

2. Use Coarse Alignment first.

If QuickBooks does not display a Congratulations window telling you to go on to Fine Alignment, you may have done one of the following:

* Moved the paper feed knob at some point during Coarse Alignment.

* Entered a different number than the one to which the pointer line was closest.

* If you don’t see the Congratulations window, redo the procedure.

Note: Note the correct position of the form as it sits in your printer now for future positioning of the paper.

* QuickBooks can only align a similar form correctly in the future if you load the paper in the printer exactly as this form appears now in the tractor feed. Even if your printer has a "park" or "autoload" feature where your printer moves the paper to the same place each time you load it, you’ll need to manually move forms to this position after autoload or park has positioned the paper.

* If you load a new form and do not line it up visually as this form is lined up, you will have to Coarse Align the form each time you print this form. QuickBooks does not save your Coarse Alignment. It is meant as a one-time setup to find where the form should be set on the tractor feed.

3. Make Fine Alignment adjustments.

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