Error: "You may not have enough space on your hard drive to complete this backup" or an error that contains the value C=10

Legacy KB ID: 313


Why do I receive one of the following error messages when I attempt to back up a company data file? * You may not have enough space on your hard drive to complete this backup. * An error that contains the value C=10.


These errors can occur when you are attempting to back up your company file to a hard disk or a 3.5-inch disk that has little or no space or that is damaged. To resolve these errors, free up some additional space on your hard disk or use new 3.5-inch disks, then try again to back up your company data file. Using 3.5-inch disks that are free from damage is essential. If you back up to a damaged disk, you may not be able to restore that backup. To help ensure the disks you are using are not damaged, we recommend formatting the 3.5-inch disks before the first use, as even new disks can have bad sectors. For more information on formatting, from the Microsoft® Windows® Start menu, choose Help. Click the Index tab, and type floppy disks in the space provided. Double-click formatting to view instructions. Be sure to fully format the disks. Note: Because we do not know the contents of your hard disk, or what files you may need, we cannot recommend files that can safely be removed to allow more free hard disk space. You may want to consult your system administrator, if you have one, or a local computer consultant if you would like assistance in clearing space on your hard disk.

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