Improving QuickBooks Pro network performance

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How do I improve QuickBooks Pro Performance on my network?


QuickBooks Pro is designed to allow access simultaneously to up to 5 users in a QuickBooks company file on your existing Novell NetWare, Windows 95/98/NT peer-to-peer, or Windows NT or 2000 Server network. For information about the system requirements of each version of QuickBooks Pro, see What are the system requirements for QuickBooks?

When using QuickBooks Pro in multi-user mode, the QuickBooks company file is shared, and the file must be stored in a location on the network where other users have read/write and create/delete access. On a network with a file server, the file would typically be stored there. On a peer-to-peer network, you may want to put the file on the computer of the person who uses it most frequently (this will allow that person fastest access).

It may also be possible to use QuickBooks Pro in multi-user mode with dial-up networking, a direct cable connection, or through other network-type configurations, if the company file is in a location where is can be access by other users. These company file access methods are not supported in QuickBooks Pro, and are generally too slow for acceptable performance.

QuickBooks Pro does not contain networking software and cannot set up or guide you through creating a network. For more information on networking computers, check these resources:

* Novell for information on Novell NetWare
* Microsoft for assistance with Windows peer-to-peer and NT Server networks
* Quicken Accredited Trainers or Professional Partners who may be familiar with network setup and troubleshooting
* Computer consultants may be able to advise you on QuickBooks and network usages, as well as network configurations for your business.
* Books on network configuration should be available for you to review at the library or a bookstore.
* Search the Internet for additional information on setting up networks or finding a computer consultant.

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