My Empdupe file doesn't include all of my employees in QuickBooks QBi 2008/09

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Why doesn't my Empdupe file include all of my employees in QuickBooks QBI 2008/09?


*** Note: This issue has now been resolved in Service Pack 2.

When you export the EMPDUPE File from QuickBooks, Employees that received their first pay after the 31st December 2007 won't be included in the 2007/08 Financial Year EMPDUPE Export File. They will however appear in the list of Employees in the 'Export Empdupe File' window and will have Payment Summaries generated when you print or email your Payment Summaries (depending on the Employee's Preferred Send Method).

To include the employees that received their first pay after the 31st December 2007 in the Empdupe File export, you can process a pay on 31st December 2007 for one cent by entering one Hour at $0.01. When you process the pay, tick 'Do Not Accrue Time' option for each employee to ensure Leave Accruals aren't incorrectly accrued on this pay.

After entering this pay for an employee they will be included in the EMPDUPE File Export.

To determine which employees need to have a one cent pay entered on 31st December 2007:

  • Generate the New Hire List from the Reports Menu > Employees & Payroll and select New Hire List.
  • On the New Hire List click on Modify Report
  • Click Filters and change the Hire Date Filter from This Month to Custom and enter a date Range from 01/12/07 - 30/06/08

This report will now display a list of all employees hired since the 1st December 2007 and displays each of the Employee's Hire Date, you need to process the one cent pay for any of the Employees Hired on 1st January 2008 or later.
With the Employees hired between the 1st & 31st of December 2007 determine whether or not they received a pay in the month of December and if they didn't they will also need to have a one cent pay entered.

If you have already sent your EMPDUPE to the ATO prior to entering the one cent pays for employees hired after December 31st, when you recreate the EMPDUPE ensure that on the Export Empdupe File window you only select the employees that weren't included in the original EMPDUPE file 
I.e Only select the employees that you needed to enter a one cent pay for in December.

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