How do I upgrade my company file (QuickBooks Version 7.3 and below)?

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How do I upgrade my company file from QuickBooks Version 7.3 and below?


If you have been using a previous version of QuickBooks, you can use your existing company file with QuickBooks or later versions.

Before you upgrade to QuickBooks 2002 and later versions, you should:

Step 1: Back up your company file to a set of new floppy disks and set them aside in case you need them later (see instructions on Backing up data that came with your older version of QuickBooks).

Step 2: Create and print a Trial Balance of your company (see the instructions that came with your older version of QuickBooks). After you finish upgrading your software print a Trial Balance in QuickBooks 2002 (from the Reports menu, select Accountant & Taxes, then Trial Balance). Compare the two reports to confirm that your accounts converted correctly.

When you install QuickBooks 2002, the Installer searches for an older version of QuickBooks on your hard disk. If it finds one, the older directory containing the older program becomes the directory of your new software unless you change it. Thus, QuickBooks 2002 will replace your older version of QuickBooks unless you specify a different directory for installation

QuickBooks Version 7.3 and below
You need to do a preliminary conversion up to version 7.4, then a second conversion before you can open your company file in QuickBooks 2002, as QuickBooks does not convert directly from version prior to version 7.3.

1. If the Installer is running, click Exit to leave it.
2. From the windows Start menu, choose Run.
3. Type the drive letter associated with your CD-ROM drive, then :\convert74\qbupdate74.exe
4. Click OK

An earlier version of QuickBooks starts converting your data to QuickBooks 7.4 format.

5. Click Explore in the Welcome screen
6. Click OK at the warning message
7. From the file menu, select Open Company
8. Navigate to your company file, select it and click Open.
9. Follow the instructions on your screen to back up and update your existing data. Be sure to save your converted company file to your hard disk in a place where you can find it later.
* Be patient. This process may take some time, if you have a large company file. Do not interrupt QuickBooks or shut down your computer until the process is complete.

10. When the conversion finishes, you may want to verify your data:
*From the Window menu, select Close All.
*From the File menu, select Utilities, then Verify Data.
*Now follow the onscreen instructions. If your data cannot be verified, start this process again or contact Technical Support (Australia .

11. Exit from QuickBooks and go on to QuickBooks Version 7.4 and above

12. After the data has been successfully upgraded to version 2002, install the current version and restore a backup of the 2002 converted data file or open the 2002 data file. The upgrade process will begin once more and the data will be converted to your current version.

For further information please consult your installation or start up guide provided with your software.

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