Can I use the Timer independently of QuickBooks Pro?

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Can I use the Timer independently of QuickBooks Pro?


QuickBooks Pro comes with a separate Timer program that can run alone or with QuickBooks Pro. The Timer keeps the Timer data in its own Timer data file. You can use the Timer without having the QuickBooks Pro program on your computer and then import the data back to QuickBooks when you're ready. To start the Timer independently of QuickBooks Pro: 1) In Windows 95, click Start, then Programs, then QuickBooks Pro, and then Timer. 2) In Windows 3.1 Program Manager, double-click the Timer icon in the QuickBooks Pro program group. You may want to record timed activities some time after the task has been completed. To enter timed activities after they've been completed: 1) In the Current Activity field, choose an activity from the drop-down list. If the activity is not on the list, set it up first. 2) When the activity is displayed in the Current Activity field, click Edit. 3) Change the date if you did not perform the work today. 4) In the Duration field, enter the time. You may enter the time in any of the following formats (using 90 minutes as an example). No matter which format you use, the Timer displays hours and minutes when you tab out of the field: 1:30 1 1/2 1.5 90 5) Click OK

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