Error Message: 'You need to ensure that your product is activated'

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Why do I get the message: 'You need to ensure that your product is activated' when I apply a Service Pack for QuickBooks? My product has already been activated.


This is due to the QuickBooks installation not being finalised when it was first installed.

To remedy the problem you need to follow the steps below:

1- Uninstall QuickBooks from Add/Remove programs under control panel.

2- Uninstall all old version of QuickBooks that may not be required that appear in the Add/Remove programs window.

Note: This next step is a critical part of the process, please consult your IT professional if unsure how to complete the following:

3- Go to Start menu then click on Run and type in the Open field (regedit), click OK,  you should have the Registry Editor screen open.

4- Browse through the following path:
   HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Intuit then right click on the Intuit folder and left click the delete option, click YES to confirm deletion.

5- Now you are ready to reinstall QuickBooks 2006/07, we recommend if you can do that while your Antivirus and Firewall softwares are disabled, please refer to your Antivirus and/or Firewall software vendors if you have any difficulties regarding that.

The other alternative is to install QuickBooks 2006/07 in Safe mode. Follow the instruction on how to do a safe mode install from the following link:

6- You need to reactivate your QuickBooks 2006/07 version before applying Service pack 1 (tax table update) again.

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