How are split transactions entered in the QuickBooks Registers?

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How are split transactions entered in the QuickBooks Registers?


Sometimes you need to assign more than one account, customer, job, or class to a transaction. For example, you may write a checque to a vendor that pays for advertising as well as a subscription. You can split transactions to different accounts, customers, jobs, or classes, so that you can keep track of how much you are spending on each account, customer, job, or class. To enter a split transaction from a register: 1. Select the transaction you want to split or to create a new transaction, click in the blank entry at the end of the register. 2. Enter the payee, vendor, or name. 3. Enter the total amount of the transaction in the Payment field. If the total amount is unknown, leave the Payment Amount field blank. QuickBooks totals the amount as you fill in the splits. 4. Click the Splits button. 5. In the Account field, enter an account. 6. In the Amount field, enter the amount to be assigned to this account. 7. Enter a memo in the Memo field if appropriate. 8. Fill in the Customer:Job field (optional), and indicate in the column with the invoice icon whether the expense is billable to that customer (Optional). 9. Enter a class in the Class field (Optional). 10. Repeat steps 6-9 to add accounts and amounts (and customers, jobs, or classes) as needed. 11. Click Record. If your split amounts do not add up to the register figure when you click Record, Recalc the split.

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