The taxable setting in tax code NCG has been changed when importing from Payroll Premier

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Why do I get the error: "The taxable setting in tax code NCG has been changed.  This cannot be imported" when I import my IIF file from Payroll Premier program into QuickBooks ?


This is due to the file having a work cover line assigned to an employee.

To fix this you need to follow the steps below:

1- As you are at the import dialogue box of QPExport.iif in QuickBooks, right click on the file " QPExport.iif " and select the option of Open With.

2- Choose to Select a program from a list of installed programs radio button and choose Excel.

3- You need to scroll down until you reach a line that reads " TRNS     1      GENERAL JOURNAL..."
4- Under the columns Q with the heading " Tax Code" and R "Tax Rate" of the Excel Sheet there will be entries of " NCG " and " 0% " respectively, you will need to highlight and delete all of the entries of pays been made in your exported file. Please Note: if it is a requirement of the business to have the work cover expense line in your imported journals be taxed then you need to go back to your individual journals and assign a tax code as appropriate and resave them after the amendment.

5- Click on File > Save and Click on YES to keep the current format.

6- Close Excel and Choose No to the message that appears " Do you want to save the changes you made to ' QPExport.iif ' "

7- Try and import QPExport.iif into QuickBooks.


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