Quicken programs and Windows® Vista.

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Will my Quicken products work with Microsoft® Vista?


Windows® Vista has made its long-awaited debut in the Australian market.
What does this mean for users of products such as QuickBooks, Retail Point of Sale and Quicken Personal?
If you are using a QuickBooks 2006/07 (or an earlier version)
If you wish to run QuickBooks in a Vista-environment, QuickBooks 2007/08, is a Vista-ready and also compatible with Internet Explorer 7.0. QuickBooks 2006/07 or earlier versions will not run on the Vista platform.


QuickBooks 2007/08 with service pack 1 installed is compatible with all versions of Microsoft Office, up to Microsoft Office 2007.


Microsoft Outlook synchronisation requires Microsoft Outlook 2000 or 2003.

If you are using Retail Point of Sale 2006/2007 (or an earlier version)

If you wish to run Retail Point of Sale in a Vista environment, you will need to upgrade to Retail Point of Sale 2007/08, Retail Point of Sale 2007/08 is a Vista-ready and will also be compatible with Internet Explorer 7.0. Retail Point of Sale 2006/07 or earlier versions will not run on the Vista platform.

If you are a user of Quicken 2007 - Personal, Personal Plus and Home & Business

• Quicken 2007 installs and runs on Vista.
• Quicken 2007 works with Internet Explorer 7.0.
• Quicken 2007 supports up to and including Office 2003. It has not been tested with Office 2007.

If you are considering buying a new PC now

Some PC retailers are still providing PCs with XP installed with the option of a free Vista upgrade in the future.


We have done our best to ensure 'Vista readiness" but we cannot guarantee that there won't be technical issues that might arise from time to time, If you experience such issues please contact our technical support department. Contact details can be found at https://www.quicken.com.au/aboutUs/mail.aspx

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