Reckon STP Mobile JobKeeper Guide

Defining eligible employees

Once the JobKeeper claims process becomes available in early May 2020, simply log in to the ATO Business Portal. Your Single Touch Payroll (STP) report data will be pre-filled into the portal for review. At this time you will be able to define which employees are eligible for JobKeeper and for which JobKeeper fortnight they became eligible.

Once you have submitted your claim including this information, the ATO will process your reports and send the subsidy to the bank account you nominated during your JobKeeper enrolment on the ATO business portal.

Processing a JobKeeper pay run

The process for a JobKeeper pay run in Reckon STP Mobile is very similar to how you would already have been paying your employees.

Pay is over $1,500 fortnight for an employee prior to JobKeeper

Pay the employee as normal using regular wages and salary items and submit your Single Touch Payroll reports to the ATO via the STP Mobile app.

Pay is under $1500 fortnight for an employee

The process for this is very similar to a normal pay run, however an allowance item must be included for the top up component that builds the employees pay up to $1,500.

In the example below, Jane Smith is receiving a gross payment of $900 per fortnight. To meet the requirements of JobKeeper, Jane will need to be paid a $600 "top-up" allowance to meet the minimum $1,500 per fortnight amount paid to eligible employees under JobKeeper.

$600 is added as an allowance item to ensure the employee is paid $1,500 a fortnight. After this you can process the pay as normal and submit STP through Reckon Mobile STP as normal.

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