“Invalid Company Information error” in GovConnect STP when submitting pays from Payroll Premier

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When lodging pays via Reckon GovConnect STP portal, why do I get the error:  “Invalid Company Information error”?  I have checked all the Company information and they are correct. How can I fix it?

Applies to:

Reckon Payroll Premier: version 2018-19.


The Company Name in your Reckon Payroll Premier company file must match the company name in GovConnect, and is CASE SENSITIVE (it may differ from the CASE displayed on the ABN lookup tool https://abr.business.gov.au/).

Detailed steps.

1.    On the Reckon GovConnect Portal home page, 

a.    On your STP tile, take note of the GST Branch number;

b.    click on your tile and then click on Company & Advisor Info.  Take note of the Company Name and its CASE SENSITIVITY;

2.    In Payroll Premier, on the top Menu line click on File > Company Information;

3.    Select the Name tab;

4.    In the Company Name field, make sure the name matches precisely the Company Name you have registered with ATO and appears on the Company tile on the Reckon GovConnect portal and is entered with its CASE SENSITIVITY;

(Please note the name should not be more the 50 characters. If your Legal name is longer than 50 characters please see KB https://kb.reckon.com.au/issue_view.asp?ID=5683 on how to resolve it)

5.    On the Numbers tab 

a.    In Company Telephones and the Phone No field, add your phone number in the format 0291231234 or mobile number in the format 0412123456;

b.    In the ABN/PWN field, confirm the correct ABN number has been entered correctly;

6.  Click OK to save.

7.  On the top Menu line click on File > Preferences > Files icon, and in the Empdupe & SAFF section, enter your Branch Number in the Branch No field. 

a.  The branch number as noted in step 1 above;  

b.  If you do not have a Branch Number then by default it would be 001. leave it as 001. (Updated as at 03/08/2018)

8.    Click Save to save your changes. 

You should now be able to process your Pay Event through Reckon GovConnect STP.

Additional Information:

With the update done on STP Portal, STP will read 000, 001 as the branch 1. (Updated as at 03/08/2018)

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