What is an IIF file?

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What is an IIF file?


An .iif file is a tab-delimited or comma-delimited text file, based on the Intuit Interchange Format, used to import and export data in QuickBooks. In a tab-delimited text file, tabs separate the data fields. In a comma-delimited text file, commas separated the data fields. Below is the same Chart of Accounts import file using a comma-delimited format: !ACCNT,NAME,ACCNTTYPE,DESC ACCNT,Checking,BANK,First Bank ACCNT,Sales,INC,Sales Income Note: In a comma-delimited format, when a comma is not a separator, include the information in quotations. (Example: "Tucson, AZ") All .iif files contain file headers and data. Although you can create the text files using either a word processor or a spreadsheet program, we recommend that you use a spreadsheet since the column and row layout found in spreadsheet programs makes editing data easier.

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